Welcome To Divine Feminine

www.Divine-Feminine.co.uk was birthed out of a desire to assist feminine souls on their journey towards wholeness and the manifestation of their true authentic selves.

Offering a series of divine feminine bootcamps, healing retreats and inspirational workshops, our mission is to create a safe and yet soul expansive space in which women can come together in order to explore, share, heal and grow towards their individual and collective highest potential and purpose.

At a Peace Conference in Canada in 2009, the Dalai Lama made an announcement that filled many with inspiration when he said that “the World will be saved by Western Women”. This feminine call to action was one of the inspirations behind this community of women.

Our network of gifted and heart centred facilitators across the globe share a vision of a world in which peace, harmony and individual freedom are a reality for all and where women rise up into their divine feminine power in order to restore balance to the world.

Divine-feminine.co.uk focuses on real women: what excites them, what causes them pain, what limits and restricts them. Our intention is to explore the goddess energy within every woman, whether she recognises herself in these terms or not. The goddess resides in all women as the core essence of who she is intended to be.

A contemporary attitude is what motivates our tours and retreats: how can we come together, as groups of women, and activate our true feminine essence, for the benefit of everyone and in way that is appropriate for the twenty first century. We focus on how the divine feminine essence can be expressed in the world through an empowered, prosperous and balanced energy, for how can a woman be the best version of herself if she lacks the necessary finances, self confidence and self love or mental and emotional wellbeing? An “upgrade” is generally called for.

If you have reached a stage in your life, where you feel that you are ready to break free of the constraints of your existing life and know that you have much more to offer than is currently evident, please get in touch and consider connecting with us on one of our journeys.

What We Offer

Through experiential workshops, sacred site activations and loving intention, the www.divine-feminine.co.uk community offers a loving support and encouragement in the oft times challenging journey of manifesting the totality of the woman you can be in the world: the best version of yourself.

As you look through this site and learn more about the events that we offer, please feel free to contact us for guidance: we love to connect and share feminine stories and wisdom together. We also welcome guest bloggers, if that’s your thing.

“She remembered who she was and the game changed”
Lalah Delia

It is a privilege to help you to now remember who you are too.

Upcoming Retreats

Divine Feminine Retreat Egypt January 2019

We are both honoured and excited to announce our next sacred Rise of the Divine Feminine Retreats in the magnificent land of Egypt for 2019!

Join us for this once in a lifetime healing women’s retreat experience !

Surrounded by ancient desert and awe inspiring temples, this women’s retreat is the ultimate space to rejuvenate, body, mind and soul. Let us take perfect care of your every need on a week long journey of personal awakening,which includes all vegetarian / vegan prepared meals, beautiful authentic Egyptian accomodation at the retreat center, goddess yoga each morning overlooking nature, sacred women’s workshops, temple visits and so much more!

See more details and reserve your spot by clicking Rise of the Divine Feminine Retreats Egypt 2019!

Ayurveda Bliss Retreat Goa, India

Even after over a decade of offering Ayurveda based retreats in Goa, we can’t wait to be back there again with this one in 2019.

For guaranteed sunshine, great like -minded feminine company and a truly magical, tropical location, this trip is hard to beat.

Our divine-feminine retreat is all about lashings of pampering and relaxation. Starting the day with a blissful yoga practice in the warmth of the early morning sunshine (suitable for all levels, even absolute beginners) and filled with amazing vegetarian and vegan cuisine with a local Goan twist, the days are full of “me time”, tailored to meeting your every need.

By the way,we ask you to complete a comprehensive ayurvedic consultation before the trip even begins so that our specialist team can provide you with tailored advice and guidance, ensuring you receive optimal benefits from your retreat experience.

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